Manage your repayments

Manage your repayments

We know that taking out a home loan is not the end of your home ownership journey. In fact, quite often it’s just the start.


If you make additional voluntary repayments to your loan, over and above the minimum repayments, redraw enables you to withdraw these additional funds. Some restrictions may apply depending on your individual circumstances and loan type.

To access redraw, you can apply online, or by contacting HomeStart.

Voluntary repayments

You can choose to make additional repayments at any time by either increasing your regular repayment or making a lump sum repayment. You can stop or adjust voluntary repayments whenever you like. Making voluntary repayments reduces your loan term and the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

You can make voluntary payments online, with Bpay*, or by contacting HomeStart.

Some restrictions may apply depending on your individual circumstances and loan type. If you’re unsure, contact HomeStart first.

*Contact HomeStart to obtain your biller reference number and HomeStart's biller code.

Direct debit repayments

Direct debit repayments make paying off your home loan easier. You can avoid repayment hassles, with payments being automated so you don’t miss a repayment. You can choose how often you make your repayments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), and you can choose to make regular voluntary repayments above your minimum repayment amount.

To set up direct debit or change your account details, fill out and return the Direct Debit Request form to HomeStart Finance, PO Box 1266, Adelaide SA 5001. Please ensure there are sufficient clear funds in your account, and allow 5 working days from the date the Lender receives the Direct Debit Request form for the change to be effected.

Read the full Direct Debit Request Service Agreement here.

Customer Care

We understand that for a range of reasons, our customers may experience difficulty in meeting their loan repayments. Our Customer Assist Team can provide information and support to assist those experiencing financial hardship.

Click here for more information about financial hardship.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, contact the Customer Assist Team on (08) 8203 4087.

Repayment Safeguard

We help take the stress out of paying off your loan with our Repayment Safeguard.

Here’s how our Repayment Safeguard works. Instead, of linking your repayments to interest rates, we work out an initial repayment based on what you can afford. The only change will be an adjustment for inflation once every 12 months.

So, if interest rates go down, you’ll pay off your loan faster. If they go up, it’ll take a little longer unless you choose to make voluntary repayments. Either way, you won’t have to stress about changing interest rates and you can enjoy living in your own home with peace of mind.