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1. Website use

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2. Legal entity 

  • Any reference to HomeStart on this web site means HomeStart Finance. HomeStart Finance is owned and operated by the Government of South Australia ("Government")

3. Loan Consultant

  • HomeStart has appointed persons ("Loan Consultant") to act as agents of HomeStart to promote HomeStart and to receive loan applications
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  • Clause 4 applies to HomeStart and its agents, officers and employees, Loan Consultants and sub-agents

 4. Exclusion of liability

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  • regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information and data contained on this web site or linked to this web site;
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 5. Virus protection

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6. Links

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7. Copyright and intellectual property

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  • No permission to reproduce or use the Government's copyright material, other than that expressly stated in this clause 7, is to be implied by the availability of that material on this web site

8. Lending criteria

  • Any application for a HomeStart loan is subject to the Lending Guidelines of HomeStart and may be approved or denied in HomeStart's absolute discretion. For an explanation of these guidelines please contact HomeStart or a Loan Consultant. Terms and conditions apply.

9. Fees and charges 

  • Fees and charges apply to all loans offered by HomeStart. For details of the fees and charges you may refer to the loan product information supplied on this web site. However, the fees and charges must be confirmed with a Loan Consultant or HomeStart.

10. Promotional disclaimer 

  • No promotion or advertising conducted by HomeStart can or will have any effect whatsoever on your loan application or possible resultant HomeStart loan
  • The contents or any promotional pamphlet or other printed material you may have received in connection with your HomeStart loan application or printed from this web site do not form part of any loan contract you may enter into with HomeStart

 11. Passwords

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  • As stated in the disclaimer on the HomeStart Finance Web Site, HomeStart Finance shall not be liable to you (or any third party) under any law for any direct or indirect loss or damage related to any information on the Secure Customer Web Site.
  • By using the Secure Customer Web Site you agree to these conditions of use.
    • If you are issued with a password for use on this web site you must treat your password as you would a personal identification number (PIN). Accordingly, you must:
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    • if your password is lost, stolen or discovered, inform HomeStart as soon as possible.