The HomeStart Difference

The HomeStart Difference

Whether you’re a first home buyer or an existing home owner looking for a fresh start, HomeStart could help you get into your own home, sooner.

How we can help


We’re unique in the market

We’re not a bank. Established in 1989, HomeStart is a State Government organisation that is 100% focused on providing home loans for South Australians. So while we’re a profitable financial organisation, we are also considerate of our social responsibilities. This means we’re always working on new ways to help more people get into their own home, sooner.

We want you to have a home loan that’s right for you

We have a range of innovative loans that can reduce your upfront costs and increase your borrowing power. We’re happy if you want to switch to a bank or credit union after a few years with us. We just want to get you into your own home sooner, so you can enjoy all the benefits of home ownership!  

We're here to help you

Our reason for being is simple: to make home ownership a reality for more people in more ways. Based in South Australia, we have an experienced team who are understanding, friendly and committed to help you get in to your own home sooner.

Over the past 35 years, HomeStart has helped more than 81,000 South Australians into home ownership.

Want to know more about what we do and why we do it?


Our purpose

Our purpose is simple: making home ownership a reality for more people in more ways. It remains at the very heart of our organisation and continues to add meaning, direction and focus to everything we do.


Our strategy

The HomeStart Strategic Plan for 2024-27 reinforces the strong sense of purpose that exists within HomeStart, focussed on opening doors for those who might feel shut out.

HomeStart has four significant areas of strategic intent in the coming three years;


  • Customer success:
    our customers’ experience is a simpler, smoother journey to home ownership, regardless of the channel used and we lend to more people who need assistance to buy
  • Opening doors:
    we create opportunities for people who may otherwise feel shut out by providing innovative products and services, sharing knowledge and instilling confidence within aspiring home buyers

    we ensure our role remains valued by our stakeholders and the broader community by focusing on those in most need first, while maximising our resources
  • Collaborative culture:
    HomeStart employees have the necessary skills and leadership required to support a modern organisation

    when combined with our collaborative culture and strong values, this underpins a high level of employee engagement and performance
  • Realising our potential:
    HomeStart has the necessary focus and business model to realise our potential

    when combined with our new technology platforms this creates ongoing opportunities to support our customers in an efficient and cost-effective way

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