With less money to pay upfront and options to borrow more, refinancing with HomeStart could help you reduce your monthly repayments or buy the family home after a separation.

Refinancing with HomeStart could help you to:

  • reduce your loan repayments
  • increase the amount you can borrow
  • manage your loan repayments
  • pay no monthly account keeping fees

Increase the amount you can borrow

Depending on your income, you may be able to borrow more without increasing your monthly repayments with a secondary loan. Being able to borrow more lets you live where you want, sooner.

Manage your loan repayments

Our Repayment Safeguard helps take the stress out of home loan repayments.  

Don’t let the fear of changing interest rates stop you from getting into your own home sooner. Our Repayment Safeguard will help make your repayments more predictable.   

We work out your initial repayments based on your financial situation, not just interest rates. Usually, the only change will be an adjustment for inflation once every 12 months.  

So if interest rates go down, you’ll pay your loan off faster. If they go up, it’ll take longer. Either way, you’ll stress less.

No monthly account keeping fees

HomeStart home loans have no monthly account keeping fees, so you can pay less in fees and more towards your loan.