Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I use the HomeStart website, is any personal information collected about me?

    When you use the HomeStart website, our systems record some basic and anonymous information about your computer including:

    • Your IP address (unique signature)
    • Your operating system
    • Your browser

    HomeStart uses this information to ensure that our website is compatible with the browsers and systems that our customers use. By using our site, you consent to the collection of this information.

  • What happens to the information I give to HomeStart when I complete an on-line survey or respond to a marketing questionnaire?
    HomeStart conducts surveys and marketing questionnaires so that it can better understand the needs of its customers.  If you respond to a survey or questionnaire, we will use that information to improve our services and products available to our customers.
  • What can I do to help minimise my risk with cyber security?
    HomeStart Finance also uses industry standard security on its website and systems to help keep your information safe, but there also some things you can do to enhance your security. We recommend that you:
    • Take care if you use a public computer or free public WiFi. If you have to use these make sure your personal details are protected and logout when you’ve finished.
    • Set a passcode or password on your computer or device and enable the option to lock the screen after a short period of inactivity.
    • Don’t use the same password on more than one account, and don’t share your passwords.
    • Make sure your computer or device has the latest security updates installed.
    • When using the HomeStart Finance online application always save and exit if you move away from your device/computer or after you have completed the application.
  • Who can I contact if I have queries regarding the Privacy procedures?
    You can email with any queries, or contact HomeStart.
  • Do I need to provide all of my personal information to apply for a loan?
    While you do not need to provide all your personal information requested, this information may need to be obtained at a later date so that an initial assessment of your application can be completed.  If you prefer you can provide any information required to your nominated Loan Manager at an interview.  All required information will need to be completed before an assessment can be made on your application.
  • What credit checks are completed?
    Once you have signed and completed the Privacy Act Authority a report will be obtained from a credit reporting agency. This report may note any applications for credit that you may have lodged. It may also show any credit defaults that have been recorded on your file, if applicable. A credit check may also be conducted with any existing Credit Provider that you have listed on your loan application.
  • Can I update the information that I have entered on the on-line e-Form?
    Once the e-form has been submitted you cannot change the information on the web site. However, you can certainly contact HomeStart immediately to inform of any changes.
  • Can I cancel my loan application at any time prior to approval?
    Yes, you can cancel your loan application at any time prior to approval by either contacting the Loan Consultant that your application has been submitted to or by contacting HomeStart.
  • Can I obtain a copy of my loan application?
    Yes a copy can be made available to you at any time and this can be posted to you.  To obtain a copy of your application, please contact HomeStart.