You don’t need a huge backyard to create a veggie patch. Armed with the right information, you can create a thriving veggie patch on your countertop. Here’s how.

Choose the right plants
Not all vegetables grow well indoors so you need to carefully select the ones that have the best chance of survival without constant sunlight. The best indoor options include tomato, capsicum, carrot, radish, lettuce, potato, micro greens and garlic. Herbs such as coriander, basil, mint and parsley are also great choices.

Pot your countertop garden
Plants do need some level of sunlight, so you will need to find a space in your home that will allow some sun to shine on your veggie patch – whether it be the kitchen window sill, next to your back door or under a skylight. When you have determined where your mini patch will be positioned, you can go about selecting an appropriately sized container or pot to plant your produce. Remember, you will need to space out the individual stalks or seeds to allow room for growth. Using a balanced, healthy soil will also be beneficial (your local nursery can assist with finding the right one). Once you have all the tools, you can begin planting. Labeling your seeds might also help to identify them during harvest.

Feed your plants
Now that the planting is done, you will need to remember to water your vegetables. Indoor plants need to be watered the same way you would outside varieties. Make sure you do some research on the veggies you have planted, to determine how often they need to be watered. And make sure your pot or container has drainage holes, as well as a water catcher to prevent your plants from drowning (yes, that can happen).

Harvest the results
The vegetables are ready to be picked – but don’t just hack into the plant. You can kill the plant if you pick off too much or damage the roots and stalk. The best way to harvest is to take a pair of kitchen scissors and only cut off what you need. Vegetable patches are a great way to feed your family and save money provided you take care of them.