Christmas is fast approaching, and that means more events, more presents, and ultimately more money spent. For those that are watching their budget this year, we have put together some handmade gift ideas that your friends and family will love. 

Everyone loves a sweet treat

Nothing says Christmas quite like homemade treats and desserts. A great idea when gifting to a group of people, like colleagues or extended family and friends, is to do a big bake-up of a favourite sweet treat. This is perfect for those that you may have bought a small gift for, as it shows your appreciation of them without absolutely blowing your budget.  

Once complete, wrap in some nice cellophane of decorative boxes and your present is ready to go. Here are some great ideas and recipes for gift-worthy treats and desserts. 


Are arts and crafts your thing? Add a little light and warmth to your friends’ homes and hearts with a handmade candle. A fun and easy way to spend an afternoon, all you need is wax - preferably soy due to its renewable resources and environmentally friendly properties - wicks, glass jars and some scents (if preferred). Uniquely created and scented just for them, these soy wax candles are the best way to show your loved ones you care. 

DIY Giftbox 

Whilst not exactly handmade, a DIY hamper is perfect for those who you would normally gift with a larger present. Rather than ordering a gift hamper through an online store, gathering your own goodies and crafting a unique basket can have the same effect, without the big price tag. Try gathering some local goodies from a market, or creating some of your own gifts (like the candles or tasty treats above) for a one-of-a-kind hamper that you wont have to dip into your savings for.

Sewed goods

If you’re particularly good with a sewing machine, your options for a crafting a handmade gift is limitless. From bags to homewares, quilts, and pouches, grab some fabric in a pattern you know they will love and get sewing. Click here for a range of great sewed gift ideas. 

At the end of the day, the festive season is all about spending quality time together. You might even decide to not giving presents at all this this year and instead organise seeing each other in person for a coffee, walk or dinner together.