With many spending a lot of time working on the insides of their homes, combined with more time indoors recently, it’s no surprise that our gardens and outdoor areas may have become a little neglected over the colder months.

So, if your outdoor space isn’t working for you and you think it’s time to give some extra love and care to your outdoor space, we have some tips on how you could glow it up without blowing the budget and your time.  

Get creative with planter boxes

Perfect for those who want some flowers without a fully landscaped garden, planter boxes and containers are a great way to add some style to your yard. From veggies and herbs, to flowers, dwarf citrus trees, native plants and general greenery, planters are a great way to fill space and add a natural element to any garden.  And… the best thing with these is that you can utilise almost anything you want – the more creative the better! Check out these unique planter creations, what a fun, easy way to transform your space.

Warm up next to a firepit

Nothing says cosy and comfortable like a warming up by the fire on a cold day. A backyard firepit is the way to go when creating that warming, intimate vibe without spending big bucks. Find a spot far enough from plants, fences, trees and grass, and also an area where the smoke and embers won’t end up in your (or your neighbour’s) home. 
 A firepit can be a statement feature or a subtle addition to your yard. From metal pit kits to retaining bricks and repurposed household items, you can create a firepit to suit your own style. Get planning and check out these DIY firepit kit ideas.

Light it up

It’s time to glow up – literally! String, festoon, coloured, step, spot lighting… the list goes on. Utilising a range of lights throughout your alfresco and garden areas not only adds a sense of intrigue, but also allows you to create multiple statement features throughout your space. For some inspiration, check out Bunnings great range of lighting options.

Pro tip: There are a great range of solar string and adhesive spot lights, meaning that you can save on energy costs!

Reuse and Recycle

The beauty of doing your own landscaping and backyard renos is that you can be as creative as you like. A great option that not only looks great but is sustainable is to recycle throw-away items and reinvent them in a way that suits your home and garden. For example, old bathtubs, sinks and buckets can make excellent ponds when dug into the ground, and old pallets can be very handy when designing raised garden beds. Just have a look around, you might be able to breathe some new life into older household items. Plenty more recycling ideas can be found here.