In the community

In the community

As part of HomeStart's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we're committed to having a positive and sustainable impact on our customers, people, community and environment.

Donations & fundraising

HomeStart supports the community through sponsorships, seminars, community volunteering and donations. We establish and maintain relationships with a wide variety of organisations, not-for-profits and events that share our values, enrich the community and make positive social change for the state of South Australia.

Requests for donations are only received through our employees. This ensures that all donations and fundraising activities align with the HomeStart Wellbeing Team’s purpose, which proactively supports our community across five essential elements:

Physical Wellbeing

Having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis

Community Wellbeing

The sense of engagement you have with the area you live

Purpose Wellbeing

How you occupy your time or simply liking what you do every day

Financial Wellbeing

Effectively managing your economic life

Social Wellbeing

Having strong relationships and love in your life.

Community volunteering

At HomeStart, our people have the opportunity to make a difference, not only in their daily work, but in their community through a community volunteering provision known as I Make a Difference Day.

Underpinned by the HomeStart values Integrity, Simplicity and Achievement, the I Make a Difference Day demonstrates that our people are leaders, and by living the HomeStart values, they can cause a positive flow on effect outside of HomeStart and ‘make a difference’ through volunteering in the wider community.

Our people have helped a variety of causes through community volunteering, such as serving meals for the Hutt Street Centre’s ‘Angel for a Day’ initiative, being Assistant Team Leaders for Operation Flinders’ world leading program for youth at risk, and assisting building a home for Habitat for Humanity.