Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

1. Following receipt of your Direct Debit Request (DDR), HomeStart Finance will allocate Direct Debit Items as agreed by you in your Precontractual Statement and Schedule to Credit Contract and Credit Contract Conditions (“Credit Contract”). You will receive details of Direct Debits made by HomeStart Finance on your loan statement under your Credit Contract.

2. A period of at least 14 days notice will apply where HomeStart Finance proposes to vary the details of your Direct Debit arrangement. You will need to allow at least 3 business days for processing where you propose to defer or vary the details of a Direct Debit arrangement and HomeStart Finance agrees to your request.

3. If you wish to dispute any Direct Debit Item, contact or provide full details in writing to HomeStart Finance. HomeStart Finance will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that direct debit item disputes are resolved within 5 business days.

4. It is your responsibility to have sufficient clear funds available in your account on the requested or due date to permit the payment of direct debits initiated in accordance with your DDR. Refer to your Credit Contract which sets out fees and charges payable by you when Direct Debit items are returned to HomeStart Finance unpaid by your financial institution.

5. If a Direct Debit Item is returned unpaid by your financial institution you may be liable for any dishonour fees charged by that financial institution and by HomeStart Finance. Refer to your Credit Contract when Direct Debit Items are returned to HomeStart Finance unpaid by your financial institution.

6. If a due date falls on, or you specify a non-business day, the Direct Debit item will be processed on the next business day. You may direct any enquiries regarding non-business day direct debit processing to the financial institution branch where your account is held.

7. A DDR remains in force until it is cancelled. If you wish to query or cancel a DDR or stop any individual Direct Debit Item, you must give at least 3 business days of notice and direct the request to HomeStart Finance.

8. If you change your Financial Institution account you will need to complete a new Direct Debit Request (DDR) form. You can obtain a DDR from HomeStart Finance.

9. HomeStart Finance abides by the provisions of the Privacy Act (1988) and is careful to protect the privacy of any personal information supplied. Some information may be exchanged with financial institutions involved in the event of a Direct Debit Item dispute.

If you believe that a drawing has been initiated incorrectly, we encourage you to take the matter up directly with us by contacting our complaints line during business hours on 8203 4718.