Building a home

Building a home

Whether you’re choosing your own land and builder or buying a new house and land package, there’s a lot to consider. HomeStart can help you get started.

What is a construction loan?

As your builder completes the different stages of the home building process, a construction loan gives you the funds to pay them as the they complete each stage. These are known as progress payments. 


Why choose HomeStart for your construction loan?

Whether you’re a first a home buyer looking for a house and land package with one of our partner builders or looking to buy your own block of land and choose your licensed builder, we have different construction loan options to suit your situation and your needs. 

How do they work?

Our low deposit construction loan options are available through our HomeStart Loan or Graduate Loan

If you have a Certificate III or higher qualification, you may be eligible for a Graduate Loan

Our HomeStart Loan is available for those without a Certificate III qualification. Both loans offer flexible interest rates and repayment options and are available when building a home in South Australia, for residential use only.

To learn more about these loans go to our home loans or get in touch with us.


First Home Buyers

Eligible first home buyers can take advantage of the first home owners grant and stamp duty relief when building with HomeStart. Our 2% deposit construction loan is available when taking out a house and land package with our partner builders.

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Features and benefits of our construction loans

  • No loan repayments for the first 12 months or until your home is built, whichever comes first.
    This means you don’t need to cover loan repayments as well as rent or other payments on your current home.
  • Save on stamp duty costs
    When you build, you only pay stamp duty on the land, which can be much less than what you pay on an existing home. If you’re a first home buyer you may be eligible for the Stamp Duty Relief. Please click here to check your eligibility.
  • Reduce the amount you need upfront for your deposit with the First Home Owner Grant 
    First home buyers may be eligible for the $15,000 First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) if you buy a new home or build. We will help you apply for this grant, which can be put towards your deposit, fees and charges. Go to Revenue SA to find out more.

    Just remember, if you're choosing to buy land first and build later, you won't get your First Home Owner Grant until your slab is poured on your new home.
  • Choose to buy land now, build later or buy a house and land package
    If you wish to select your own licensed builder, you can buy a block of land now and build on it at a later stage. This gives you an opportunity to save money and reduce your home loan balance by the time it comes to build.
  • Boost your borrowing power
    If you meet HomeStart’s eligibility requirements, you may qualify for a subsidised or fee assistance that can boost the amount you can borrow, so you can get the home you want, sooner. Find out more at our home loans.