How to apply for a home loan

How to apply for a home loan

We can provide you with a quick quote over the phone, and check your eligibility. If you would like to take the next steps, we can talk about them too.

To apply for a loan, simply contact us.

What you need when you call

For a quick quote, you will need:

  • details of your income (e.g. net salary and Centrelink income)
  • your employment type (e.g. full-time, part-time, casual, contract)
  • details of your debt commitments (e.g. personal loans, car loans, credit and store cards).

To be eligible for a loan you will need:

  • to be buying a home in South Australia, for residential use only
  • to be an Australian citizen or hold Permanent Residency or skilled migrant status in Australia
  • to be over 18 years of age

Other criteria may apply, depending on which loan you choose.

Customer interviews are by appointment only, and can be completed in person, over the phone or Skype for Business. Please call 1300 636 878 to arrange an appointment with one of our Senior Lenders.

You can also learn more about the home buying process by visiting our educational website MyStart for useful tips and information.