Compare Home Loans

Compare Home Loans

Use our home loan comparison tool to see what could work for you.

Select the home loans you want to compare using the drop down selections. You can compare up to three of our home loans to help work out the best home loan for your situation.

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Things to consider

Low deposit options

Our Graduate Loan can help eligible graduates get started with deposits from 2% for established homes and 5% to build. Not a graduate? If you have a good savings history, the Low Deposit Loan has deposit requirements from as low as 3% plus upfront costs for established homes.

Choose your rate

You can choose to fix the interest rate on your loan for terms of 1-3 years, or you can select a variable interest rate. You can also split your rate, so a portion is fixed and a portion is variable.

Boost your borrowing power

Our top up loans are added to a HomeStart, Graduate or Low Deposit Loan to boost your borrowing power. With most of these top up loans, there’s no need to make any repayments until your primary HomeStart loan has been fully paid.