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Get into your own home sooner.

Saving up for your first home can seem like it’s taking forever. So, how you can get into your own home sooner?
  • Move in from as little as 3% deposit*


    Our deposits start from as little as 3% if you’re buying a property, and 6% if you’re building

    Our Graduate Home Loan is available to eligible graduates with a Certificate III/IV, diploma, bachelor degree or higher qualification. Not a graduate? You could buy a home with a Low Deposit Loan.

    We will also let you know about any government entitlements, fees and other charges that could be applicable when you’re buying a home.

    * Terms, conditions, eligibility criteria, fees and charges apply.

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  • Save thousands on upfront fees


    You can also save thousands on upfront fees

    Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is something most banks and credit unions require to protect themselves in case you default on your loan. HomeStart doesn’t do this. We have something called a Loan Provision Charge (LPC) instead – it’s like LMI, just a lot cheaper for most borrowers.

    Example: Compare LMI and LPC costs based on a $400,000 property*

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  • Take the stress out of your repayments


    We help take the stress out of paying off your loan if interest rates go up.

    Here’s how our Repayment Safeguard works. Instead of linking your repayments to interest rates, we work out an initial repayment rate based on what you can afford. Usually, the only change will be an adjustment for inflation once every 12 months.

    So, if interest rates go down, you'll pay off your loan faster. If they go up, it'll take a little longer unless you choose to make voluntary repayments. Either way, you won’t have to stress about changing interest rates and you can enjoy living in your own home with peace of mind.

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How much can I borrow?

This calculator will give you an indication of the maximum amount you may be able to borrow to buy a home.

? Include all:
Net income received from wages/salary/overtime
Net rental income
Net business/partnership income
Family tax benefits part A & B
Child support


? Include all dependant children and any
non income earning adult partners
not included on the loan application

? Include the sum of all credit cards,
store cards and overdraft limits

? Include all other loan repayments
including child support payments and HECS repayments

+ More options
Privacy statement

Fees and charges include establishment fee, valuation fee, Loan Provision Charge, conveyancing fees, settlement fee and government fees such as title search fees and stamp duty.

*The Advantage Loan is combined with another HomeStart loan that suits your situation. No repayments are required until you have paid your HomeStart loan portion in full.

*The Breakthrough Loan is combined with another HomeStart loan that suits your situation. No repayments are required on the Breakthrough component of your loan until your property is sold. A 3% facility fee for the Breakthrough Loan has been included in the repayment amount indicated above.

Remember, to be eligible for a home loan with HomeStart you must:
  • Have a regular income, this can include some Government payments
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen
  • Be purchasing a home within South Australia
This calculation is not an offer of credit and is intended as a guide only.

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Get into your own home sooner

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