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This assessment and application form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You will need to have the following information ready:

  • total combined income before AND after tax for all borrowers (include wages, salary, overtime, rental income, business/partnership income, pensions, benefits including Family Tax Benefits part A & B and child support)
  • total combined credit card, store card and overdraft limits for all borrowers
  • total combined monthly repayments on personal loans, motor vehicles and other loans for all borrowers (including child support and HECS repayments).

Authority information

The assessment you are about to undertake is designed to assess your financial situation and eligibility to purchase or enter into a 'Rent-then-Buy' arrangement in relation to one of the ‘B’ Apartments at Bowden.

To make this assessment, certain personal information is required which will be used to:

  1. assess your eligibility to purchase or enter into a Rent-then-Buy arrangement
  2. assess your financial situation
  3. estimate your borrowing capacity
  4. estimate the amount of funds you will need
  5. contact you so that you can proceed with your application.

HomeStart will collect this information on behalf of Community Housing Limited (CHL) for the sole purpose of assessing your application to purchase or ‘Rent-then-Buy’ one of the ‘B’ Apartments at Bowden. If you consent, HomeStart may use your personal information to provide you with promotional material until such time as you withdraw your consent. Please read HomeStart’s Privacy Collection Statement for information on how HomeStart protects and safeguards your personal information go to

Successful applicants will be invited by CHL to proceed to the next stage, which will require confirmation of the details provided by you in this assessment to ascertain your ability to purchase an apartment within the required timeframe.

HomeStart is assisting Investec, Connekt and CHL applicants for the ‘B’ Apartments purchase and ‘Rent-then-Buy’ opportunity. Therefore, it is a requirement that all applicants undergo the HomeStart assessment process. However, if you choose to proceed with purchase, you are free to seek loans from any lender, and a panel of mortgage brokers have been identified to assist you shop for the best loan for your particular set of circumstances.


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of calculations, the results are for indicative purposes only. Your borrowing capacity is based on HomeStart's policy guidelines as at 23/10/15 and is subject to change without notice. Given the duration between this assessment and loan approval, applicable fees and charges and outcomes may change without notice.

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