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HomeStart supports many causes in the community.

Donations Guidelines

Who is eligible to apply?
South Australian incorporated, not for profit organisations, education providers, and charities.

HomeStart does not support the following:

  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Initiatives that may be construed as discriminatory or dangerous
  • Political or religious organisations
  • Organisations promoting anti-social activities such as gaming, alcohol or drugs
  • International/national events

Donations available up to $2000, with one donation per organisation each financial year. HomeStart Finance has an allocated amount to support the community each financial year, however the amount approved may be of a lesser amount. 

Applications will not necessarily be funded if:

  • Dates of project and event has already occurred including money already spent
  • Donation is not in line with HomeStart’s Values and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Funding sought is for recurring operating costs (salaries, electricity and phone)
  • Incomplete or insufficient information is provided

Once submitted, your application will be assessed by the HomeStart team and you will be advised of an outcome within 6 weeks. Please direct any enquiries to

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